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Bigger Law Firm Magazine Now Available on Amazon Kindle

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) March 29, 2017 - Bigger Law Firm magazine is now available for download on Amazon Kindle as a user-friendly ebook. For just $0.99, readers can download BLF issues directly to their e-reader, iPad, phone or other mobile reading device using the Kindle app, and enjoy reading BLF on the go. The magazine, formatted specifically for Amazon Kindle, offers a user-friendly experience that allows readers to interact with each issue with ease.

How Lawyers Can Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Bigger Law Firm Magazine Volume 44 is the first BLF issue to be published as an ebook for Amazon Kindle since 2013. Since then, BLF has improved its formatting to be more comfortable for e-readers, iPads and large phones. When the BLF ebook was simply converted from the printed magazine, it was not friendly to phones. However, the new Kindle version makes reading simple and comfortable across all devices.

"When we first published the magazine for Amazon Kindle users, we converted the printed magazine, which did not offer the best user experience. We listened to our readers and their critical feedback and decided that we could do a lot better,” said Jason Bland, Founder of BLF. “With this new release, the BLF is formatted specifically for Kindle, allowing our readers to interact with it with the same ease as if they were reading an ebook.”

Lawyers and legal marketing enthusiasts will now be able to take BLF with them everywhere they go, without worrying about frustrating font size or unintuitive formatting disrupting their experience. The Kindle version of BLF uses a pared-down approach to simplify the reading experience without sacrificing content or certain visual elements such as infographics.  

BLF on Kindle continues to deliver in-depth stories about the intersection of law, technology, and marketing, with the same high-quality analysis and cutting-edge insight as always. Volume 44 of BLF features articles about how artificial intelligence and virtual reality are making their way into the legal industry, as well as other features that help users stay up-to-date on legal marketing strategies and technological tips that can help law firms improve their business.

Bigger Law Firm on Kindle can be found on or through the Amazon Kindle app, and downloads instantly onto your device for $0.99. Buy now at

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Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and the Future of Law: This Month in Bigger Law Firm Magazine

Bigger Law Firm Magazine: The Artificial Intelligence Issue

BLF Magazine: The Artificial Intelligence Issue

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) March 20, 2017 – Bigger Law Firm magazine delivers another issue jam-packed with in-depth stories on the intersection of law, technology, and marketing.

In this month’s feature story, Roxanne Minott reports that artificial intelligence and machine learning are beginning to take hold in the legal industry. Attorneys are increasingly using advanced AI software to perform repetitive tasks, parse contracts, and review documents with greater accuracy and less labor. Tech startups and researchers are developing more cutting-edge use cases such as recruitment, public legal tools, and even prediction of actual judgments. Minott closes with a peek into the compelling future for legal artificial intelligence.

Virtual reality isn’t just for games anymore. As Ryan Conley explains in BLF’s “Law + Tech,” VR has already helped German prosecutors make their case against some of the last suspected Nazi war criminals. The imagery displayed in VR systems already exists today as 360-degree photographs and videos, as well as computer-generated graphics. But head-mounted displays allow jurors to freely look about the scene of a crime or accident and recreate past events and circumstances.

BLF’s legal marketing experts know what makes legal content compelling. In this month’s “Messaging” update, Brendan Conley borrows from some of the fundamental tenets of journalism to show how to hook readers and draw them in. Conley spells out three surefire journalistic techniques that your firm’s marketing team needs to keep in mind when writing press releases, blog posts, and other content.

Guest contributor Stacy King, Executive Director of the Federal Bar Association, brings her expertise to bear in “Obiter Dicta.” King extolls the powerful and varied benefits of community outreach and community service for growing law firms. Brand recognition and networking are clear assets, but more subtle effects include increased employee engagement and education. King shows how specific types of outreach can enhance your firm’s reputation in unexpected ways.

In “Virtual Impression,” Dipal Parmar shows the reader the magic of user generated content. UGC is valuable to a law firm, and not just because the firm’s marketing team doesn’t have to create it. User generated content, including testimonials, questions, comments, and social media, is often seen as authentic and trustworthy. Parmar gives examples of how firms can acquire and best utilize UGC.

Justin Torres brings this month’s Policy update, reading the political winds to see what the future might hold for net neutrality under the Trump administration. Kerrie Spencer reports on a fascinating case in Arkansas, where investigators want to try to use a recording by Amazon’s Echo or “Alexa” personal assistant to solve a murder. And Dexter Tam wraps things up with a detailed look at a subtle change to Google’s search results and its implications for SEO.

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Bigger Law Firm Magazine: The Artificial Intelligence Issue

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More From BLF Magazine and News

Bigger Law Firm Magazine to Begin News Coverage

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) March 15, 2017 - The magazine that started in 2011 as a legal marketing publication has reached a new milestone. Starting today, Bigger Law Firm Magazine will cover current events from a legal perspective.

Over the last six years, Bigger Law Firm (BLF) Magazine has introduced lawyers to online marketing tactics, practice management software, internet security and e-discovery. Starting March 15th, BLF is reaching a wider audience with active reporting on current events.

As the new presidency aims to reshape the role of government and an emboldened single party Congress rushes to introduce new legislation while the balance of power is in their favor, and the power of the courts are questioned when ruling against executive action, BLF believes that legal commentary is important now more than ever before. The publication will be seeking expert commentary from lawyers throughout the United States and internationally as they seek clarifications on the potential outcomes of proposed legislation, regulation changes and executive orders.

While BLF began in 2011 as a monthly print publication, over the last 6 years the magazine has evolved into much more. Now, online subscribers are given access to exclusive content, print subscribers receive a slightly larger magazine bi-monthly, and online readers can access stories free of charge.

With the addition of news and current events, BLF hopes to attract a new audience that seeks facts from a legal perspective. They intend to keep the print publication focused primarily on legal marketing while releasing several weekly news features which can be read without a subscription online. Some news features that provide in depth policy analysis will also be published in the print edition.

While most stories will come from the magazine's staff contributors, BLF is actively seeking attorneys to publish op-eds and provide stories based on their expertise. Attorneys interested in being guest contributors should apply here.

The magazine is also looking for legal experts to help their contributors. Experts can apply here.

For readers who are not subscribers, they can get a free online subscription here and are encouraged to follow BLF on Facebook and Twitter.

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