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Bigger Law Firm Magazine to Begin News Coverage

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) March 15, 2017 - The magazine that started in 2011 as a legal marketing publication has reached a new milestone. Starting today, Bigger Law Firm Magazine will cover current events from a legal perspective.

Over the last six years, Bigger Law Firm (BLF) Magazine has introduced lawyers to online marketing tactics, practice management software, internet security and e-discovery. Starting March 15th, BLF is reaching a wider audience with active reporting on current events.

As the new presidency aims to reshape the role of government and an emboldened single party Congress rushes to introduce new legislation while the balance of power is in their favor, and the power of the courts are questioned when ruling against executive action, BLF believes that legal commentary is important now more than ever before. The publication will be seeking expert commentary from lawyers throughout the United States and internationally as they seek clarifications on the potential outcomes of proposed legislation, regulation changes and executive orders.

While BLF began in 2011 as a monthly print publication, over the last 6 years the magazine has evolved into much more. Now, online subscribers are given access to exclusive content, print subscribers receive a slightly larger magazine bi-monthly, and online readers can access stories free of charge.

With the addition of news and current events, BLF hopes to attract a new audience that seeks facts from a legal perspective. They intend to keep the print publication focused primarily on legal marketing while releasing several weekly news features which can be read without a subscription online. Some news features that provide in depth policy analysis will also be published in the print edition.

While most stories will come from the magazine's staff contributors, BLF is actively seeking attorneys to publish op-eds and provide stories based on their expertise. Attorneys interested in being guest contributors should apply here.

The magazine is also looking for legal experts to help their contributors. Experts can apply here.

For readers who are not subscribers, they can get a free online subscription here and are encouraged to follow BLF on Facebook and Twitter.

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