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    Lawyers Lookup is an online directory of Ontario lawyers who speak different languages.  It is free to use. We make it easier to find a lawyer by providing listings of Ontario qualified lawyers.  No need to look at Yellow Pages or Google search to find a lawyer who speaks your language.  

    If you're looking for a lawyer in Ontario, you can view our complete lawyers directory. You can also find a lawyer by language, such as a Cantonese speaking lawyer, Mandarin speaking lawyer, Urdu speaking lawyer, Greek speaking lawyer, Hindi speaking lawyer and many more.  If you have trouble using this directory, you can also contact us for help.

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    Natalia Bialkowska

    (English, Polish, Spanish)
    Visit NB Law Firm
    Simmy Yu
    (English, Cantonese, Mandarin)
    Visit Tkatch & Associates

    Jagmohan Singh Nanda

    (English, Hindi, Punjabi)
    Visit Nanda & Associate

    Barbara Opalinski

    (English, Polish)
    Visit Opalinski Law

    Why Is It Important To Have A Lawyer Who Speaks Your Language?

    Surveys show that many Canadians do not speak English or French at home.  Our country is known for its diversity and multi-culturalism.  When legal issues arise, it is important for all Canadians to be able to obtain legal help in their mother tongue.  This prevents misunderstanding, increases knowledge and awareness of the law, and creates a better experience for the public when they access legal services in Canada. Lawyers Lookup helps improve access to justice, to ensure that Ontario residents can find a suitable lawyer for their needs. 

    If you have friends, family members or colleagues who need an Ontario lawyer with certain language skills, let them know about Lawyers Lookup. This website can be translated into many different languages by using the language selector at the top of the page.   

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