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San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) July 7, 2017 – Bigger Law Firm Magazine provides a map of marketing and technology strategies in the latest issue, available today.

In the feature story, Brendan Conley dives into “client journey mapping,” a big-picture approach to marketing that will help firms develop a cohesive, end-to-end strategy. The client journey technique puts the client’s evolving relationship with the firm at the forefront. The firm’s marketing needs change at each successive stage of this relationship, from discovery and consideration to decision and engagement, and finally to lasting loyalty.

BLF shines its Product Spotlight on Lawcus, a cloud-hosted practice management software suite. As Dexter Tam explains, Lawcus separates itself from the competition with a visual representation of a case’s workflow called a Kanban board. Users can customize multiple workflows within the board. Lawcus also features Zapier, an application integration platform that automates tasks involving popular apps like Gmail and Dropbox.

Take a peek at the Future of Law with an analysis of algorithmic criminal risk assessments. Ryan Conley explores the state of these complex rule sets and computer programs that predict a convict’s likelihood to re-offend, from the public and open algorithms to the private ones protected by trade secrecy. A potential Supreme Court case may impact the trend in the short term, but could artificial intelligence someday make a “black box” of the criminal justice system?

This issue’s Policy analysis uncovers a troubling and lasting problem at many large firms: sexual harassment. Dipal Parmar explains that while sexual harassment complaints number in the thousands, the vast majority of incidents likely go unreported. Parmar spells out the causes, symptoms, and remedies for sexual harassment, the understanding of which is key to rooting it out.

Foster better Practice Management with Kerrie Spencer’s coverage of recent changes to the American Bar Association’s rules. With hacks and security breaches on the rise worldwide, the ABA is strengthening its rules on secure electronic client communications. Attorneys need to understand how to stay compliant for the sake of their clients and themselves.

Speaking of Security, Roxanne Minott has an informative overview of established best practices for electronic security and popular commercial tools. A combination of straightforward security habits and free software provides a substantial measure of defense, leaving attorneys with no excuse for electronic vulnerability.

In the Law + Tech update, Justin Torres covers the latest battles in the computer processor wars. Long dormant, challenger AMD is finally stirring interest and demand with their Ryzen chips. Should heavyweights Intel and Nvidia be worried? Finally, Kristen Friend provides actionable website tips in Design Obiter Dicta and identifies the single design principle that all firms must keep in mind.

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