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Cybersecurity, Google AMP and What Went Right in 2016 in the Latest Bigger Law Firm Magazine

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) January 19, 2017 – Bigger Law Firm magazine is back with another issue packed with technology and online marketing analysis through the lens of the legal industry.

In the feature article, Ryan Conley presents a retrospective of the top cybersecurity stories of 2016 and finds the hidden details that put the headlines in perspective. From election hacks to computers held for ransom to botnets that may be running on your own home router, these crises seem to happen with alarming regularity. Conley gets to the technological heart of the matter and breaks down what every internet user needs to know.

The year just past was full of change and uncertainty, not just in geopolitical matters but also in the SEO world, with Google implementing major changes to its ranking algorithms. Jason Bland turns to law firms and marketers around the world to ask, “What went right?” Ten trendsetters and experts bring both their personal stories and their industry insight to the reader, showing how they learned to thrive in a changing world.

Ever wonder what is the “AMP” logo next to some Google results on your phone? As Brendan Conley explains, Accelerated Mobile Pages is an initiative by the search giant to bring webpages to your phone faster. AMP is in its early stages, but knowing how the project works keeps you ahead of the curve. Conley shows how it works and explains whether you need to think about implementing it on your own site.

Virtually all attorneys use email, but many may feel uneasy about the broader ethical and professional implications of email versus other media. Dipal Parmar sheds light on the potential pitfalls inherent in its use, from lack of privacy and bad actors to simple human error.

Kerrie Spencer has the scoop on two new software offerings aimed right at technically savvy law firms: FactBox, an information organizer, and FileVine, a cloud-based practice management system. Lastly, Dexter Tam wraps it up with an analysis of two key Google ranking factors: authority and relevance.

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