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Adviatech Employees Get Paid Time Off to Vote and Volunteer on Election Day
Adviatech offers paid time off for voting and political activism to their team members in Florida and California.

Adviatech offers paid time off for voting and political activism to their team members in Florida and California.

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) November 7, 2016 - Adviatech, the company behind Custom Legal Marketing, Bigger Law Firm Magazine and Law Firm Newswire, announced Monday that it would be offering employees two hours of paid time off on Election Day. Employees who voted early can claim their two hours as a bonus.

While Adviatech does not make political contributions, the 11-year-old company has always encouraged its employees to be politically active. As part of every employee's standard benefits package, Adviatech offers paid time off for team members who volunteer for candidates, state amendments, or propositions, and for those who work in a non-partisan capacity as polling place volunteers. The paid time off does not count against vacation or personal days.

Restrictions are limited. Any registered candidate or campaign appearing on a ballot in the United States qualifies for the Paid Political Activism program. Some employees participate in remote phone banking to support get-out-the-vote efforts in swing states, while others canvas for local candidates and causes.

Jason Bland, who serves on Adviatech's board of directors and leads its Custom Legal Marketing brand said, “All of our clients are attorneys. When you're working in the legal sector, you can't turn a blind eye to politics. The decisions made by our leaders and their court appointees can impact not only the law firms we work with but the rights of their clients.”

With all eyes focused on the presidential election, the company reminded employees that the president is one of many candidates and issues on the ballot. In a company memo published Monday morning, team members were encouraged to look down ticket for volunteering opportunities. The memo stated, “down ballot candidates for school boards, judges and special districts have a lot of influence over your community, developers, the environment and education.”

Founded in 2005, Adviatech has employees in Tampa, Florida and San Francisco, California.

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