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Lawyers Can Enhance and Expand Their Content with Bigger Law Firm Magazine’s New Content Issue

The latest BLF Magazine is a Content Guide for Lawyers

The latest BLF Magazine is a Content Guide for Lawyers

San Francisco, CA (Law Firm Newswire) September 8, 2016 – The Content Issue by Bigger Law Firm magazine is full of ways to bring better legal content to more people.

In the feature article, Kristen Friend examines the problem of how to get your website content to stand out among an ever-increasing number of sources and competitors. Her solution entails understanding your audience’s needs and the unique value you can create. Friend explains, with specifics, how to engage your audience, give them the information they need, and promote your content to reach the right people.

Brendan Conley considers the question of where to publish a law firm’s content. The firm’s own site is an obvious first choice, but the increasing variety of social networks and third-party blogs may have attorneys questioning how far they should spread their content. Conley examines the value these opportunities present, and the reader may be surprised by his conclusions.

For those who want to dig into search engine optimization strategies, Dexter Tam has a lesson in link-building – or, rather, link-severing. While most links to one’s website are desirable, others are not. Tam explains how Google’s “Disavow Tool” allows site operators to exclude certain links from the search engine’s ranking process.

Kerrie Spencer reviews two useful software tools. The first captures and archives websites in their entirety for evidentiary purposes. The second is a full-featured PDF creator and reader that represents a more affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

Speaking of software, attorneys increasingly find themselves using sleek online tools for communicating with clients. Roxanne Minot explores the privacy, security, and ethical implications of sleek products readers have likely heard of, as well as more cutting-edge tools they perhaps have not.

Dipal Parmar shows how attorneys can repurpose content in order to present it to a new audience in a different way, saving time and increasing the value of their investment. Wrapping things up, Ryan Conley gives a rundown of several legal tech startups from the famous incubator Y Combinator.

Each issue of Bigger Law Firm magazine shines a light on the intersection of law, technology, and marketing. BLF is available in print and on the web.

Bigger Law Firm magazine is available online and in print.

Read the latest issue of Bigger Law Firm Magazine.

Read the latest issue of Bigger Law Firm Magazine.

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