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The Bigger Law Firm Magazine Talks About the Growing Power of Google Plus, Analyzes Content Marketing Practices, Supportive Business Tech, and Exciting Legal Forums

The Bigger Law Firm™ magazine

The Bigger Law Firm™ magazine

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) April 24, 2014 - In 2014's March/April Issue, BLF helps legal professionals tone and strengthen their marketing approach with new services, tools and tactics.

In this issue's feature, “The Strength of Google Plus,” James Ambroff-Tahan draws focus to the surprising power of the once-struggling social network. Integration with the world's most popular search engine links your profile to other powerful web forces, including YouTube, while its Circles allow you to target your key demographics precisely. Your Google Plus content, keywords and hashtags can attract more potential clients in their own right — and they can also boost the rankings users find through traditional Google searches.

A new forum has emerged for crowd-sourced discussion of complex legal topics. Mootus revolves around fact and citation, and it may become an invaluable resource to attorneys across the nation. In “Mootus: A New Forum for Legal Argument Online,” Brendan Conley explains why.

“The New Paradigm of Classic Content Marketing” digs into marketing tactics, both old and new, that use information and assistance to attract clients. Diane Dean Epps guides law firm representatives through the “Five Ws” of this valuable technique (Who, What, Why, When, Where and How, if you recall your elementary school grammar lessons).

Deadline-related mistakes are the number one cause of legal malpractice claims. In “Taking the Law Into Your Own Handheld,” Kerrie Spenser examines the perks and practicalities of Deadlines on Demand, a new calendar and deadline management program that can help your firm stay on track.

Brendan Conley encourages readers to start “Looking Beyond Powerpoint,” exploring powerful, accessible (and, in some cases, free) presentation options that keep your jury engaged and your firm at the top of its form.

Parents and teachers already know that they can encourage a child's diligence and enthusiasm for a task by turning it into a game. You can find examples of “gamification” in military, pilot and medical training, too. Now, the tactic has made its way to the corporate world. In “Gamification: Using Games to Educate and Motivate,” Ryan Conley explains how and why it may benefit your firm.

Justin Torres breaks down “What's Next in Tech,” reporting from the showcases at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. From Ultra High Definition screens to improvements in wireless connectivity, these developments can help you polish and streamline the most important parts of your work.

When a website goes against Google's policies, the search engine reacts. Marketing teams often fear a Manual Action from the company, which can actively damage search engine rankings until violations are reconciled. But in this issue's Obiter Dicta, BLF founder Jason Bland explains how an unfortunate circumstance can turn into an opportunity to scrub away outdated tactics that were only useful or permissible in years past.

March / April 2014 Issue of The Bigger Law Firm magazine

March / April 2014 Issue of The Bigger Law Firm magazine

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