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The Bigger Law Firm Magazine Examines Search Optimization, Business Listings, Online Directories, and New Products in Its November Issue

November 2013 Bigger Law Firm magazine issue.

November 2013 Bigger Law Firm magazine issue.

Tampa, FL (Law Firm Newswire) November 13, 2013 - The November issue of Bigger Law Firm offers expert advice to attorneys seeking to streamline their presence online. This month’s release addresses the best ways to rethink your website content, to unite your business listings and contact information, and to choose the software and products that will make your day the simplest it can be.

Search algorithms are changing; Google wants authors to write in order to help humans, not to impress search engines. In November’s feature, “Saying More With Less,” Kristen Friend encourages readers to rethink their approach to website content. To rise to the top of the results, abandon the old strategies of keyword-bloated, repetitive text and replace them with sleek, uncluttered design and rich, diverse content. If you offer your users a webpage that speaks to their needs and sets clear steps to follow, clients will be more likely to find and spend time on your site.

In “Product Spotlight,” Bigger Law Firm reviews the recent integration the of attorney practice-management program MyCase with the accounting power of Intuit’s QuickBooks software. Kerrie Spenser highlights the expanded capabilities the convenient new package provides and assesses its potential limitations and hassles.

Google’s Business Listings are an excellent resource, but overlap between its services and confusing organization can leave your firm’s listing out-of-date or incomplete. Step by step, Ryan Conley shows readers how to build a comprehensive profile in “Virtual Impression: Understanding Google’s Business Listing Services.”

More and more people are finding law firms through their webpages, but as time passes, fewer and fewer of them are using the standard contact forms many sites provide. Instead, they use the device already in front of them—a smartphone or other mobile device—to reach you by phone. Brendan Conley suggests “Looking Beyond Website Form Submissions” to foster mobile-friendly connections with your potential clients.

You can find a page of Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers) on nearly any site, and Barbara Atkinson explains how your firm can expand the value of this standard feature even further. With help from “How to: Use FAQ as a Search Marketing Tool,” your firm can create an FAQ page that is friendly, engaging, and informative to both readers and search engines.

Is it time to dump Siri? In “The Predictive Power of Google Now,” Justin Torres examines the exciting potential of Google’s new product to make your day simpler, easier, and more efficient. Google Now’s customizable, predictive format can offer you answers before you even think to ask questions—and the possibilities are almost limitless.

Barbara Atkinson offers her social-media wisdom on the best way to “Get a Handle on Social Media Damage Control.” Social media can be intimidating to a firm, not least because these tools offer a visible, public forum for feedback—both positive and negative. Atkinson guides readers to a professional response and a graceful resolution when criticism appears on your Facebook wall or your Twitter feed.

Online business directories have made a comeback, observes Jason Bland. Easily searchable and well-trafficked, they offer high-quality links with an impressive conversion rate—but their fees and service costs are on the rise. “SEO Obiter Dicta” teaches how to keep your advertising updated and budget-conscious amidst these changes.

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